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Regulatory compliance can be challenging. Ensure the future of your processes and methods with BTS validation services. Don’t wait for clinical trials to establish validation protocols! BTS is the first true process-oriented provider to take your product, device or application from research to development to market in a seamless approach. Our consultants cover a varied background of life sciences concentrations from immunology to molecular biology so your validations are based on someone who speaks your language. Our team not only develops your protocols, but in most cases, we perform the validation as well.

We offer validations protocols for HPLC’s, freezers, incubators, water systems, balances, spectrophotometers, centrifuges, thermal cyclers and many other pieces of equipment.

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BTS can assist in determining the cGMP requirements for your:

  • Facility (sanitation, design and construction)
  • Equipment (mechanical, electronic, environmental)
  • Production and Process
  • Holding and Distribution
  • Consumer Complaints
  • Record Keeping



"To provide ongoing quality service and support to sustain innovations in biotechnology."

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